Goods In

Using the Goods In tab, you can manage and track the receipt of Purchase Orders.

You can use this as an alternative to the Barcode scanner. Don’t forget to set the receiving Location to Can receive. See Locations for more information.

Goods In: Receiving and Accounting Workflow


Depending upon your accounting organization and processes, you can configure the workflow for receiving Items to automatically create or not create the Item Receipt, on completion of receipt of all items on a Purchase Order.

Goods In: Screen Overview 


The Good In tab displays the following:

  • Purchase Orders,
  • Purchase Order Items and
  • Stock Received on Purchase Order.

On this tab, you can search POs, Print Labels, etc.

Note about receiving Purchase Orders and Stock Adjustments: When you receive Stock, it will appear in the Warehouse manager.

Click on the cog icon to toggle column visiblity in respective panes.

Purchase Orders pane

Lists all Purchase Orders.

Displays Supplier Name, PO Ref#, Site and PO Status.

Status can be Open, Fulfilled and Void.
Open POs Lists all Purchase Order with status OPEN.
Select (row | Purchase Order) Displays Line Item details of the selected PO in the Purchase Order Items pane.

Purchase Order Items pane

Purchase Order Line Item detail of the selected Purchase Order is displayed here.

The following details are displayed in the pane:
  • Receive: Receive stock from individual Line Items and bring them into selected Location in the warehouse.
  • PO#: Purchase Order Ref #
  • Site: Warehouse
  • Item: Item Code (Vendor Item Code)
  • Description: Item Description
  • Qty: Stock Quantity in the PO.
  • Received: Stock Quantity received at the warehouse.
Select (row | Purchase Order) Displays Stock received for respective Line Item in Purchase Order Stock Received pane.

Stock Received on Purchase Order pane

Displays details of the stock received on the selected Line Item in the Purchase Order.

The following details are displayed:

  • Checkbox: Use checkbox to select the received stock Items for printing labels using the Print Label option.
  • PO#: Purchase Order Ref #
  • View: Display the stock information.
  • Item: Item Code
  • Description: Item Decsription
  • Location: Current location of the Item
  • Qty: Quantity of Stock at the Location.
  • Serial | Lot#
  • Delete: Revereses the Receive.
  • Qty: Stock Quantity mentioned in the PO.
  • Received: Stock Quantity received at the warehouse.
Print Labels Print labels for received stock.

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