The History tab in the WMs console enables you to view the summary and detail of every action in the warehouse.

It is an audit trail of warehouse activities.

Working with History: Overview


History: Screen Overview

Click on the cog icon to toggle the column visibility in the respective panes.

History pane

Displays summarized view of all the warehouse activities.

The following details are displayed in the pane:

  • Date: Date when the activity was performed in the warehouse.
  • Source: Where the action was performed. eg. WMS Manager, Scanner, etc.
  • User: Who perform the action.
  • Action: What action was performed. eg. Receive Stock, Pick Stock, Pack Stock, Ship Stock, Transfer Stock, etc.
  • Memo: Memos attached|defiend by the user in the app.
Find To find audit trail for:

  • User,
  • Date Range,
  • Item Code.
This Month List the audit trail for the current month.
This Week List the audit trail for the current week.
Yesterday Lists audit trail for previous day.
Today Lists audit trail for the current date.
List All Summarized view of all the transactions in the warehouse.
Select (row | Summary row) Selecting the row will populate the History Detail pane with the details of the transaction in the warehouse.

History Detail pane

Detailed audit trail for the selected row in the History pane.

The following details are displayed in the pane:

  • Item:Item Code,
  • Ref#: Reference #, if any associated with the transaction. eg. Purchase Order#, Sales Order#.
  • From Location: Source Location of Item in the warehouse.
  • To Location: Location to where Item was moved to in the warehouse.
  • Quantity: Impacted stock quantity.

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