The Locations tab is used to:

  • add and delete Locations,
  • configure Locations behavior,
  • view Locations and the Items stored in them,
  • designate Locations for specific stock Items and
  • print barcodes Labels for Locations.

Working with Locations: Workflow


Assign Items to Location: Workflow


How to Set Location to receive only specific Item(s) ?

Go to: Locations tab in WMS console.

  1. In the Locations pane, select a Location.
  2. In the Items pane, select an Item.
  3. Click Add to Location on the selected Item row.
  4. The selected Item will appear in the Item Specs | Locations holding Item pane.

Locations: Screen Overview

Click on the cog icon to toggle column visiblity in respective panes.

Locations pane

Print Labels Print barcode Labels for the checked Locations.
Find Find a Location in the warehouse. Opens a popup window Find Locations.

Following search criteria can be used to find a Location:

  • Location: Location Identifier,
  • Stock Level: Any | Empty | Non-Empty,
  • Status: Manually set to indicate where the Container is in its journey. The values are:
    Preparing for Transit,
    Ready for Transit,
    In Transit (Air | Land | Water),
    At Site.
  • Show only transit: Display all in-transit Locations.
List All List all the locations defined in the warehouse.
Add Location Define and configure a new Location in the warehouse.

Opens a pop-up window with the following fields:

  • Location,
  • Barcode,
  • Pick Order: The order of priority in the workflow,
  • Put Order: The order of priority in the route | workflow,
  • For Transit: e.g. a Container, Truck - you cannot Pick from this location,
  • Can receive Stock,
  • Can pick Stock,
  • Can Pick/Pack to,
  • Quarantine,
  • Building Kits/Assemblies,
  • Items Stocked: Any | Specific,
  • Status,
  • Specific Order,
  • Sales Order Ref#.
Refer to Columns section for more details on each field.
Delete Delete a Location in the warehouse.
Select (row | Location) View all stock in the selected Location in the Item Specs pane Location's designated Items.

See Assign Items to a Location: Workflow.
Columns in Locations pane
Location A unique ID for the Location.
Barcode A barcode corresponding to the Name | unique ID of the Location.
Items Stocked Defines the stock Items designated to this Location. You can store any stock or any specific stock Item(s) in this Location.
For Transit Defines a Location as a Container or Truck from where a Pick cannot happen.
Can receive stock When checked, this Location can receive stock from outside of the warehouse i.e deliveries to Goods In.
Can pick stock When checked, enables Pick from this Location.

If unchecked, you cannot Pick stock from this Location.
Can Pick | Pack to *** Can put away or pack to the Location.

Note: The stock always has to be somewhere and therefore in a Location.

For example, if you Pick stock from a Location, you might put this on a Pallet, or move it to another Location i.e. Packing.
Quarantine Stock stored in this Location cannot be allocated or picked.
Used for building Kits | Assemblies When checked, this Location becomes available for builds.
Specific Order When checked, it means the Locations is reserved for a specific Sales Order.
Order# The Sales Order Ref # for which this Location is reserved.

Item Specs pane

(Items stocked at Location | Locations holding Item)
Lists all Locations and assigned stock Items.

Note: A stock may or may not be assigned to a Location. If a stock is not assigned to any Location, it will not be listed in this pane.

You may use the Items pane to assign stock to a Location.

The following fields are displayed:

  • Location,
  • Item Code and
  • Description.
Delete Unassign stock Item in a Location.

Items pane

This pane is used to display all Items and their corresponding stock levels.

You can also assign stock Items to a Location using the Add to Location option.
Print Labels Print Label(s) for checked Item(s).
Find Finds an Item using the Item Code.
List All List all items in the warehouse.
Select Select the Item to be designated to a Location.

Displays all Locations holding the selected Item in the Item Specs pane.
Add to Location Opens a popup window to assign the selected Item to a location. See Assign Items to a Location: Workflow.

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