Pallets tab in the WMS console enables you to view and manage all the Pallets in the warehouse.

Working with Pallets: Workflow


Pallets: Screen Overview

Click on the cog icon to toggle column visibility in respective panes.

Pallets pane

Lists all the Pallets.

The following fields are displayed:

  • Location: Location of the Pallet in the warehouse.
  • Pallet#: Pallet identifier.
  • Quantity: Stock units on a Pallet.
Find Find a Pallet using a search string.
List All List all the Pallets.
Delete Delete Selected: Deletes the selected Pallet. You can delete a Pallet only when the stock count is zero.

Delete Empty: Delete all empty pallets (pallets with zero stock quantity).
Select (row | Pallet) Displays the stock details for the selected Pallet in the Stock Detail pane.

Stock Detail pane

Lists all the stock details for the selected Pallet.

The following details are displayed in the pane:

  • Location: Location of the stock in the warehouse,
  • Item: Item Code,
  • Description: Stock Description,
  • Serial#/Lot,
  • Pallet#,
  • Qty: Quantity of stock at the Location.

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