RMAs (Return Merchandise Authorization) are used to record and track the actions and outcome in the process of returning a product:

    • to receive a refund,
    • replacement, or
    • repair during the product’s warranty period.

The RMA tab in the WMS console enables you:

  • to view and track RMAs,
  • receive products that are returned via RMAs, 
  • view details on the received Stock Items.

Working with RMA


RMA: Screen Overview

Click on the cog icon to toggle column visibility in respective panes.


Lists all the RMAs(Open, Fulfilled and Void status).

The following details are displayed in the pane:

  • Customer: Customer Name,
  • RMA#: Ref# of RMA,
  • Site: Name of the Warehouse,
  • Status of the RMA: Open, Fulfilled, Void.
Find Opens a popup window Find RMAs.

You can use a search string or Status field to search for RMAs.
Open RMAs List all RMAs with Open status.
Select (row | RMA) List all Line Items in the RMA in the RMA Items pane.

RMA Items pane

Lists all Line Items in the selected RMA(RMAs pane).

The following fields are displayed:

  • RMA# : Ref # of RMA document,
  • Site: Warehouse where the Line Item will be received,
  • Item: Item Code,
  • Description: Item Description,
  • RMA Type: This fields determines whether its a:

    • Repair: Item is repaired and sent back to the Customer.
    • Replace: Item is replaced with another unit of the same Item.
    • Substitute: In place of the returned Item, a different Item is sent to the Customer.
    • Credit: A credit note is issued in place of the returned Item.
    • Return: An Item is simply returned. No other action is taken.
Receive Receives the returned items in the warehouse.

Using the pop up window Receive Stock,

  • you can specify the actual quantity of Items receieved,
  • specify the Location in the warehouse where the Item was received,
  • you can also specify the serial/Lot# of the Item, if applicable.
Once the stock Item(s) are received successfully, the details of the received stock will be displayed in the Stock Received on RMA pane.

Stock Received on RMA pane

This pane is used to display all Items in the RMA that are received by the warehouse.

The following details are displayed:

  • RMA#: Ref# of RMA,
  • Item: Item Code,
  • Description: Item Description,
  • Location: Location in the warehouse where the Item(s) were received.
  • Serial/Lot#: Serial/Lot# of the received Item,
  • Stock Qty: Actual quantity of the Items received at the warehouse.
  • UOM: Unit of Measure for the received Item(s). Example: each(single unit), pack of 5, etc.
On receiving the Item(s), the Picked column in the Line Item table in the RMA document, gets updated with the quantity received.
Print Labels Print Label(s) for the selected received Item(s).
View Displays all the details of the selected Item in a pop up window.
Delete Undo Receive action on the selected Item(s).

The deleted Item(s) become available for Receive in the RMA Items pane.

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