WMS Accounting

The Good In – Receiving and Accounting processes in the WMS console is explained in the video below:


There are two warehouse actions that can affect stock value in the General Ledger:

Item Receipt

The Item Receipt is an accounting Document to record the arrival of stock in the General Ledger.

The Item Receipt changes the appropriate Stock asset and Liability accounts.

When the stock is received in the Warehouse, the WMS updates the physical quantity.

The corresponding update of the balance sheet can only be performed by the creation of the symmetrical Item Receipt.

Whether or not this is done simultaneously or separately is an accounting policy decision and configurable in the Config section of the Warehouse management console.

Stock Adjustment

Users can adjust the stock quantity in the Warehouse management console or from the Barcode application.

The Balance sheet value in the Stock Asset account is not affected. The corresponding stock adjustment is recorded in the Stock Asset Account.

The appropriate value adjustment can be made by the user by editing this transaction record.

See Stock Adjustments

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