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A Site is a rudimentary method to identify a Location, e.g. a Warehouse.

If you are using the Warehouse Management System (WMS) then you’ll need a Site at which you can add a Warehouse. Locations are defined within the Warehouse.

If you are not using the WMS, you can use Sites as Locations. For example, a small stock room, a location in a building or a vehicle.

Add a Site

To add a Site in Salesorder, go to:

Products/Services > Sites > +

The following options are available:


Customize Fields

The Salesorder app allows you to customize the Site details.

If you don’t have all of the fields (or the functionality) you need, you can add custom fields to store and use additional data.

To customize fields, sections and tabs, refer to Using Customization
NameProvide a name for the Site.
DescriptionSome relevant description for the new Site.
Use as defaultThis Site will be the default site on new Documents i.e. Customer and Sales.
Stock is not ownedWhen checked, Stock stored at this Site will not be counted in Free Stock.
Is EnabledWhen checked, it implies this Site is active.

Stock Locations

(view only)
Note: Use the WMS Console to define Locations in the warehouse.

Within each Site you can specify an arbitrary number of Stock Locations.

These represent the physical location within the Site that stock is located.

For example, locations could be bins, shelves, holding areas etc.

Within each Location you can specify exactly which items can be located there.

You can view Locations in the Site using this tab. The following fields are available:

  • Location Name.
  • Description.
  • Items Stocked: Any: This Location can store any items).
    Specific: This Location can be used to store only specific Items.
  • Can Receive: When checked, this Location can receive stock from outside of the warehouse e.g. deliveries to Goods In.
  • Can Pick: When checked, enables Pick from this Location.
    If unchecked, you cannot Pick stock from this Location.,
  • Can Pick | Pack To: When enabled, you can put stock away at this Location,
  • For Transit: Defines a Location as a Container or Truck from where a Pick cannot happen. ,
  • Quarantine: Stock stored in this Location cannot be allocated or picked.

Site Contact | Address

Address and contact details of the Site are define under this tab.

If you are adding a WMS, complete the Site Contact | Address details. The latter will be used in stock transfer shipping instructions.

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