Setup Barcode Scanner App

Firstly, set up user(s) in the Workers section of the Salesorder app. See Using Users

The following workflow guides you through the setup | update process of the Barcode Scanner App.

WMS Console > Admin
Add WMS User
Configure User Permissions
Add Scan User
Barcode Reader
Install Barcode Scanner app (.apk)
Register Barcode Reader
Receive Purchase Order Workflow
Fulfill Sales Order Workflow

The setup details are as follows:

Add WMS User

To add a WMS User, go to:

WMS Console > Admin tab > WMS Manager Users pane > Add User

WMS User Permissions

To set user permissions, go to:

WMS Console > Admin tab > WMS Manager Users pane > Edit User

Following fields are available under General tab:

  • First Name, Last Name: Users first and last name details.
  • User name: Login Id.
  • *** Login Enabled : Check this option to enable Salesorder user access to the WMS console.
  • *** Pre-load data on startup: Into WMS Manager Console
  • *** Allow quantity editing on goods-out: Display on Barcode device
  • Auto box packing: Checking this option, bypasses the packing process.
    After the Shipment is picked, the status will be updated to Ready to Ship (bypassing the Ready to Pack status). Used in Good Out tab.
  • *** Show Picked Stock Location: Display on Barcode device.
The Enabled Tabs setting are available when the Enabled Login field is checked.

Using this tab, you can enable specific Workflows | Tabs in the WMS console for a given user.

Install App

The steps to install the Barcode Scanner App is as follows:

  1. On your Android device, open the Chrome browser.
  2. Type in the web address The device will ask you, if you want to download sowms.apk (again).
  3. Click Download the .apk file.
  4. Click Open.
  5. On the SOWMS screen, click Install.
  6. On the SOWMS screen, click Open.
  7. The App should open on the:
    1. The WMS Scan Login screen (if you’ve used the app on this device before).
    2. The WMS Scan Register screen (if you’ve not used the app on this device before).
  8. Register | Login using the credentials given to you by your administrator.

    Register and Login steps are discussed in the sections below.


If you are on the WMS Scan Register screen, enter:

  1. Your SOA account number.
  2. Your Salesorder (not your WMS) username.
  3. Your Salesorder (not your WMS) password.
Select the Warehouse you want to login.


If you are on the WMS Scan Login screen, enter your WMS username and password.

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