Read me first: WMS Setup roadmap

Use this road map to guide you through the Warehouse Management setup:

Products | Services: Add Site(s)
Salesorder > Setup > Plugins > Plugin Store
Install SOWMS Plugin
Download .xlsx import sheets, zip & .apk files from SOWMS plugin ‘More info’
Install the EasyPost Plugin (Optional - Note 1)
Salesorder > Setup > Installed Plugins > EasyPost > Configure
Setup EasyPost Plugin and add API Key
Salesorder > Setup > Installed Plugins > SOWMS > Configure
Upload Locations
Upload Location Item mappings
Upload Stock Levels
WMS Console > Config
Configure Scan Workflows
Configure Packing Container | Box Type
Integrate Bartender
Add Bartender Printer
WMS Console > Admin
Add WMS User
Configure User permissions
Add Scan User
Barcode Reader
Install Barcode Reader app
(Android .apk)
Register Barcode Reader
Receive Purchase Order Workflow
Fulfill Sales Order Workflow

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