We’re laser focused on the security and reliability of your system and data.

Peace of mind

We host all of our systems at Rackspace. They are the service leader in cloud computing and host systems for more than half of the Fortune 100 businesses. Rackspace provides us with 24x7x365 ‘Fanatical Support’ for all of the joined up systems we use to deliver our service.

Secure Data Centres

Rackspace has two data centers in the UK, six in the US and one in Hong Kong. They are all engineered with fully redundant connectivity, power and HVAC to avoid any single point of failure. Multi-level security systems ensure that only data center Operations Engineers are physically allowed near the routers, switches and servers that run our systems.

Cisco Self Healing Network

Rackspace has the largest multi-homed self-healing network available in any UK data centre. The network also incorporates a patented Intrusion Detection System (IDS) to protect against external threats.

Hardware redundancy

The advanced architecture powering our Rackspace hosting solution uses groups of high-performance, network attached storage devices to reliably serve every screen. Inside each storage device, drives are mirrored to each other in a RAID configuration to create a first level of redundancy. And, as a final precautionary measure, all data on the system is automatically backed up on a repeating schedule.

Proactive monitoring & support

24/7/365, our service cloud is managed by cloud specialists who proactively monitor our systems to detect and arrest security threats in the fastest possible time. Rackspace has the largest global team of certified Microsoft and Linux engineers, and have the fastest response to tracking and resolving alerts by level III certified technical support staff.

Tri-level user access security

The connection between your browser and our systems is protected by 128 SSL encryption from Comodo. Each customer has their own ‘instance’ or copy of our app, which means you are not sharing software with other businesses. As well as the standard username and password, we provide two extra levels of security, a unique account number and a company-wide security code which you can configure to add your own extra security.

Infrastructure backup

The entire structure which hosts Salesorder.com is backed up every four hours by Rackspace, which totals six daily. They are then archived nightly, and retained for two days. In the unlikely event storage nodes on our servers were to crash, these backup will be used for disaster recovery by Rackspace to replace any lost data.

Additional backups

As well as the backups performed by Rackspace, our systems automatically perform incremental backups of your system to our Cloud Files, and take a complete image backup of our entire server infrastructure every day.

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