Wanted: extraordinary talent to create a US market leader

When it comes to hiring, the crowd is smarter than any individual – we’re building the team everyone wants to work with…
We’re a team of hardworking and nice technology people who are located around the world. Our CEO needs an easy going, well organised and energetic assistant to work part time alongside him.

This is a technology centric, problem solving role. The challenges, situations and the people you’ll deal with are both diverse and often new. So you’ll need a positive spirit and be focused on getting the best possible outcomes.

You will help the CEO:

  • Work with US based prospects and customers providing them with answers to a high standard in a range of formats i.e. concise written descriptions, short videos, presentations, spreadsheets etc.
  • Understand and analyse customer needs and research and prepare answers.
  • Sometimes coordinate meetings and diaries.
  • Create solutions to challenges such as finding good people for specific projects or identifying and getting the trust of journalists and bloggers to build productive relationships.
  • Researching and learning new tools and methods to automate and accelerate workflows ( I’ll explain if we meet ).

You can work from home, or physically alongside the CEO if you need to. We are very flexible on what hours you work when. We’ll train, coach and support you so as you can  complete the tasks at the appropriate pace and to the right standard on your own. Yes there is a steep learning curve and sometimes we won’t have all of the answers, but if you’re the right person we’ll work it out.

You’ll need to be ALL of the following:

  • Completely reliable and honest
  • Creative with strong sense of simplicity
  • Comfortable and adept with technology and software
  • Personable with a good sense of humor.
  • Enthusiastic, eager to learn and curious
  • Obsessive about attention to detail
  • A completer finisher
  • A lateral thinker
  • Resourceful and a problem owner and solver.
  • A reasonably fast worker (a must!)
  • Blessed with heaps of common sense
  • Honest and hardworking
  • Easy to talk to and a good listener
  • A patient and careful communicator in person and on the phone
  • Good with figures and perhaps have some bookkeeping skills
  • Smiling 99.99% of the time.
  • Able to speak and write English to a reasonable standard.
    (It’s OK to apply if you’re foreign i.e from Eastern Europe)

    Please don’t apply unless you’re reasonably confident you can prove you have all of the above – we don’t like turning people down who simply aren’t suitable.

    In return for your help and hard work we’ll drop you the occasional bonus, look after you and if at some point the opportunity for full time work emerges then ask you before anyone else.

    The first interview will be by phone, if we like you then we’ll meet face to face.

    OK now read all of the above again….

    To apply drop us a short well written note describing your current situation, why part time work suits you and pick out a couple of the above qualities and give us real life examples of you using your special powers…

    We look forward to hearing from you and wish you luck…

To apply send an email to people@salesorder.com introducing your self and telling us about your special powers

“Action will delineate and define you”Thomas Jefferson

....the Brit who led America
Thomas Jefferson was one of America’s founding fathers and the principal author of the Declaration of Independence, He was born a British subject and died the third president of a country he helped found.

If ever someone was qualified to give us advice about accomplishing great, even impossible feats in our lives, it may well be Jefferson. Jefferson knew that the actions each of us take ( and don’t take) help shape our characters and our lives.