Customer Testimonials & Reviews

“We’re privileged to serve customers all over the planet, here’s just a few of them and the kind things they’ve said about us (thanks folks!) …..”Nick Spooner, CEO
“Just so you know, you’re attitude and attentiveness, as well as the range of customization options available, and your rapid understanding of the model we need to use for our business were the prime reasons that we have chosen to go with your team and your product”

Karl Sarf, Buyose
“Thanks for quick response – you guys have been amazing, especially compared the some of the bigger players out there (Netsuite, Epicor, etc)……”

Jason Harter, Stuff for Print, Inc.
“Thanks again for your time, I appreciate it. I’m looking forward to using
your platform for a long long time. So far, things are great.

PS – Milly was exceptional on our call the other day, she was a huge help.”

Tyson Campbell, General Manager / Vice President, Integra Supply
“You guys are great people and I firmly believe that there isn’t a company out there who can offer the same level of service. (I’m not just saying this for the sake of it 😉 ).”

Omar Mahomed, RecoTurbo Ltd
“I absolutely think this is the best software I have ever used for one of
our companies. I have discussed switching some of our other companies over
to this software. And yes I would share this to some of my very good
contacts that I know would take the time to review it”

Shane Peed, Peed Bros Corp
“Incidentally I did have a sales call from Sage on Friday, trying to persuade
me that SaaS is not the way to go and I would be better off with a networked
multi-license Sage 50 solution, with remote access taken care of via Sage
Mobile. Needless to say, after the time I’ve spent looking into, this didn’t really appeal to me, neither did the £2.5k price tag (plus £900 per day quoted for training).”

Richard Smith, Director, Handset Solutions
“That is perfect. I knew you would have the answer. So far I’m really impressed with this solution! You have done a great job putting this together. Now I just need to work on getting my business of the ground but this is just the platform I have been looking for.

Thanks for your help – really appreciate it.”

Mark Clayton, Managing Director, Evode Dynamix Ltd
“I’m just looking through the software and so far love it……had a bit more of a play with the software and found it extremely useful.”

Richard Cliffe,

“ reflects exactly the actual order of operations as it takes place in the normal course of business; its approach is very no-nonsense and it respects my intelligence, whereas other software makers treat all non-accountants as if we were mentally retarded, or they treat everyone as if they were accountants.”

Alex Juarez, CEO AJM Global
“For the record the videos I watched to date are excellent – the concept of the feedback /project management system online tool is fantastic and would certainly help us manage our staff and client expectations should we be rolling out multiple installs – like the workflow maps too.”

Mark Hynes, Moore Stephens
“ I wholly recommend both the SalesOrder product and the team behind it…

Immervox is at the cutting edge of new and developing technologies – as voice and data network experts, our clients and team expect nothing less. Immervox isn’t just enjoying the features of cloud computing, there are also significant commercial benefits, in our finance team for example, 9 hours a week saved within our credit control team.

We have realised several more traditional cost savings too, for example, an anticipated requirement for a new sales support role proved to no longer be required following deployment.

There have also been benefits in remote working capability, which has seen staff able to work while at home or on site much more effectively than ever before. Thankfully, the days of emailing files between computers in order to work away from the office, or having to wait for another department to issue a transactional document/statement are long behind us. ”

Barry Pitts, CEO, Immervox
From start-up phase, Illusion Systems experienced a significant growth from successful consumer direct marketing. Our consumer direct sales and fulfillment sky rocketed and created a severe bottle neck that hindered our growth.

We contacted Sales Order to see if their platform could help us. We were immediately given access to a Sales Order Team that not only assessed our issue but implemented customizations to the Sales Order virtual software that fixed this problem.

As a result we were not only able to alleviate the bottle neck, but our company experienced an average 400% growth in sales for 4 straight years. We are grateful for the Sales Order software and the support from the Sales Order Team for supporting us over the years.

Michael J. Dukart, Illusion Systems, LLC

“Milly was straight talking, thorough and super helpful” Rachel Moir, PM, Cafe Campesino