Fair value based pricing

The value of our order management software for wholesalers is to enable everyone in your business to do as much as they can, in a better way, as quickly as possible without nonsense limits such as number of users or transactions.

Pricing explained

Customizable software is mission critical

Reset your thinking about how you select the right order management software.

You’re determined to run and grow a better business. You know as you grow you will inevitably have to keep changing things to improve your business.

Some of the these changes will be incremental, some will be significant.

Having a customizable order management software is mission critical for wholesalers. You know software makes life easier. It can automate and speed up processes.

“Inflexible order management software that’s not customizable can be both an impediment and a mistake which will end up costing you in more ways than one..”

Salesorder.com was designed from the ground up to be customizable.

Why value pricing?

You can use as much of our order management software as you need, without limits to help you run and grow a better, stronger business.

Our pricing is derived from the value we contribute to your business. We do not impose artificial constraints such as the number of users, the number of transactions, or pricing tiers. 

We'll help you build value

This is a long term partnership to build value. You’ll have a battalion of business experts and software engineers on your side to exploit our order management system software to maximize the value of your opportunity.

We deliver adaptable, mission-critical software and services to underpin and continuously improve the control, performance, and profitability of all of your transactions. 

We'll give your team more time to do what they're good at

You’ll get a better ROI from your team, because they’ll have more time to focus on exceptions, and more time to think and create better ways that result in high-quality and profitable outcomes.

We'll help you become a high performance digital business

We’re focused on eliminating the friction in every transaction.The more efficiently your transactions can be processed, the more transactions you can do.

Automation increases efficiency. Where prudent and possible to do so, our order management software for wholesalers can automate transaction related tasks. 

Everyone including your customers will be able to efficiently perform the transactions they need to get their respective job tasks done. 

We’ll help you leverage our know how, experience and software to make you a high performance business. 

One source of truth for ALL stakeholders

Our order management software will join up your data to connect your customers and your team to one real time story. No more duplication, and no more embarrassing mistakes.  

How we calculate pricing

Our pricing is based upon the value our order management software and team continually contribute to your business. 


What’s included in your system:

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  • Sales Orders
  • Users
  • Ecommerce B2C carts
  • Ecommerce B2B carts
  • EDI connections
  • Warehouses
  • Barcode user
  • Plugins from store
  • Payment Processors
  • Payment Gateways
  • Storage

No charge for custom plugins maintenance. Unless stipulated at the time of development, there is no charge for the maintenance of plugins we specifically build for you.

Free Support. Does not include consultancy, additional development, or extraordinary training.

No Upgrade charges.

2 x Sandboxes for practice and training. i.e. system snapshots.

System fee

$477 per month, per system. This fee is invoiced quarterly in advance.

Value: we have to store, backup, make secure, and continually provide you and all of your team with access to your data. We do this regardless of the volume of business you’re doing, or when you’re doing it.

Startup offer: If you’re a startup with annual revenues of up to $499K, we’ll reduce the System fee to $199 per month.

Throughput fee

Up to $100M 

$3 per $1,000 of Invoices or Cash Sales recorded in your system. This fee is charged quarterly, and calculated retrospectively on the previous three months.

Over $100M 

Customized pricing. Please arrange an appointment to discuss.

Value: our order management software helps you to do more as fast and efficiently as is possible. We are continually working on this. We work with you to identify and deliver functionality to eliminate or overcome friction.

 Noteyou must be using the platform to send invoices or make cash sales to your customers. We need this data to calculate your bill.


Turnover = $1.0M / annum

System fee: 12 x $477 = $5,724

Quarterly: $1,431

Throughput fee: $1.0M x 0.3% = $3,000

Quarterly: $750

Annual costs: $5,724 + $3,000 = $8,724

Turnover = $4.0M / annum

System fee: 12 x $477 = $5,724

Quarterly: $1,431

Throughput fee: $4.0M x 0.3% = $12,000

Quarterly: $3,000

Annual costs: $5,724 + $12,000 = $17,724

Industry benchmark "remarkable value"

Deloitte quote 3.28% as a cross-industry average for the percentage of annual revenue invested in IT.

On average our system costs are up to 0.44 % of your annual revenue.

 In some industries, it’s as low as 2%. We know our platform will reduce the need for you to invest as much as this.

Therefore the pricing of our order management order management software for wholesalers is equal to between 10 and 18% of the above averages. Feedback from our customers confirms this is remarkable value for money for their core transaction and information system.

Predictable costs - no surprises

 What you pay for the use of our order management software is directly related to your revenue. Your pricing is guaranteed for three years. After that we promise your costs will not rise more than 5.5%. At the time of renewal we’ll work with you to agree costs are equitable and reasonable.

Unlimited order management system functions

It does not make any sense whatsoever place limits on your capacity to get the job done faster.

  • Transactions: there is no limit to the number of orders you can process in our order management system.
  • Users: you can connect and login as many users as you need.
  • b2c shopping carts: you can connect multiple instances of all of the online stores we support.
  • Trade Acceleration Portals (TAP): you can connect and serve all your b2b customers. Professional services where required to customize and test each portal is not included.
  • EDI connections: you can connect all of your trading partners. Professional services required to add and test each connection is not included.
  • Warehouses: you can model and manage as many warehouses as you need to track and fulfill stock.
  • Barcode scanners and user: you can connect all of your pickers to our warehouse management system.
  • Plugins: you can install as many plugins as you need to streamline or automate your order management system. Professional services to create plugins for you are not included.
  • Payment gateways and processors: You can connect as many of the payment system vendors we support to your order management software.
  • Storage: There are no charges for normal backups and storage of all of your data.

Setup | Implementation fee?

Actual configuration and setup of your order management software can be reasonably straightforward.

The Help Portal contains a setup roadmap supported by content consisting of video and articles. Our support team is here to answer your questions. 

There is no specific setup fee. This depends upon your business model, complexity and size of your project. If we both agree there you need some assistance from a consultant we, or one of our partners can provide you with a quotation. 

Based upon our experience to date, for businesses up to $10M turnover, as a rule of thumb you should budget $10K of professional services per $1M, i.e. if you are $30M annual revenue, then fees can be up to $30K (or considerably less if you self implement).

For businesses above $30M and up to $100M turnover, average costs of implementation are between $120K and $200K.

These figures are approximated and can vary based upon the complexity of your business model. However we’ve found most wholesaler / distribution projects are a similar ‘shape’ and regularly fit inside the above approximated costs. 

Support is included (and you can talk to us)

You have access 24/7 to our Help Portal, and you can send support tickets at anytime. You can make appointments to talk with our support team by mutual agreement. 

Our normal support hours are 08:00 London UK time to 17:00 USA, Eastern time. If you need a response or a support window outside these hours then please talk to us. We can arrange ‘additional cover’ or an appropriate SLA in return for a fair fee.   

Support does not include consultancy, for example requirements capture or tasks related to software development, data migration and doing setup for you. We can happily provide these services by prior arrangement. 

No upgrade fees

We are continuously improving our order management software, so we regularly add new features. These are all included in the price you pay. Information about what is in each release of our order management system is posted into Salesorder when the new version is live. 

Training fee?

Our platform is intuitive and the learning curve is gentle.

The Help Portal has lots of videos, ‘how to use’ and ‘reference’ articles. There are articles on getting started, implementation and setup. We are continually updating and adding to this content.

We know the majority of new users quickly master what they need to know from the Help Portal.

Realistically speaking, there will always be questions that cannot be addressed at the time in the Help Portal. Our support teams are here to help, and can provide short one on one sessions.

However if required we can create training videos or deliver training in person that’s specific to your working practices. Based upon the effort required we’d asked you for a fair fee.

Sandbox systems

Included in our pricing are two fully functional order management system sandboxes for you and your teams to safely explore and try out the functionality. These sandboxes can be ‘bare’ systems with minimal data, or a copy of of your ‘live system’.

Named account manager

Included in our pricing is the assignment of a key individual in our team who will be your main point of contact. Account managers work for our customer services team. 

Our entire business structure is lined up behind account managers. In other words they have the authority where needed to mobilise all of the resources to meet your needs. 

Your account manager will continually work with you and your team to identify opportunities for improvement, share best practices and keep you abreast of what you need to know about our service.



Every three years, and by no more than 6%.
Yes. Every user has a different usage behavior. It doesn’t make sense to apply a linear charge per user.
Unlimited access to the WMS for ‘WMS console’ and Barcode users. You can also deploy as many WMS on a single system as you need.
By Sandbox we mean an additional system(s) to your live system. These would be secure and backed up.
This statement is here to intercept users who are coming from another system where they have to pay for annual upgrades. We’ve never charged like this. And never will.
No. Maintenance of customization is factored into the System and Throughput fees. The costs of requirements capture, development, project management are not affected. These are charged as normal.

We always use the term estimate in our proposals. If we get it significantly wrong we absorb the additional expense.

If we find additional work which was not anticipated , and we judge this to be more or less than the original estimate, we always let you know.

Our master subscription agreement clearly states we cannot guarantee the software is bug free.

Throughput fees

Quarterly. The fee is calculated from the value of revenue (turnover or recognized revenue) in the previous quarter.

For example Revenue = $20K, the fee would be 20 x $3 = $60. This fee is charged at the end of the quarter.

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