R.I.P. QuickBooks

A genuine alternative to QuickBooks Enterprise without the headaches of integration, data duplication and support people who don’t know you or your business

Escape from this…


R.I.P. Data duplication

  • no switching between systems
  • no data inconsistencies
  • no risk of data corruption
  • no risk of out of sync data
  • no multi-vendor support hassle

R.I.P. Limits and complexity

You probably discovered QuickBooks has limitations, the number of users, items and customer records to name a few. Our app not only has unlimited capacity for users and information storage, but because Salesorder is built from the ground up to be customized you can adapt and customize it as you flex and grow.

…to this (in weeks)

Hello ONE system

Your Sales drives your Fulfillment which in turn drives your Accounting. Our app gives you precisely this in one joined up system, easy to use and accessible from anywhere by everyone involved in running and growing your business. Quickbooks Frankestein means more complexity, wasted effort. and won’t let you scale safely or adapt as you flex and grow.

Hello simplicity

You’ll quickly see we’ve tried to make our app as easy to use as a pencil. It takes just a few minutes to learn just three conventions, Lists, Documents and Actions and you’ll be on your way. No learning different user interfaces, no fiddly import export tasks and no having to talk to multiple vendors for support.

“Milly was straight talking, thorough and super helpful” Rachel Moir, PM, Cafe Campesino