Warehouse Management System

Perfect inventory visibility. Continuously improve customer, supplier and employee perception. Fast, non stop, adaptable and easy to set up and use.
warehouse management system

Warehouse management system – Comprehensive and practical

  • Receiving

    Goods in receipts are validated against purchase orders to ensure accurate updates to stock records. Labels are automatically printed for received items with barcodes for stock code, batch code and expiry date. You can directly put away or ‘hold’ stock in the ‘transfer’ location.

  • Put Away

    Anything currently in the ‘transfer’ location can be moved to a physical stock location. Scan the location barcode and the location name automatically populates the location box.

  • Allocation

    Our order management system pushes orders as they are captured and allocated to the warehouse management system.

  • Picking

    Pick by Item or Order. All orders and order information is displayed on the mobile device. No need for paper pick lists. Reduce paperwork and improve efficiency by having live order information available on the rugged mobile device.

  • Work in Progress

    You can customize pick lists to track simple light manufacturing workflows. We can adapt your system to use barcodes to track item build status.

  • Packing

    You have complete control over the structure and format of the packing slips.

  • Shipping

    Because our order management software communicates with one or multiple couriers, you can send them shipping instructions, bulk print their shipping labels and retrieve and store tracking numbers in each sales order, so everyone including your customers know what was shipped, where and by whom.

  • Cycle Counts

    You can ‘Wave’ or ‘Snapshot’ count inventory.

  • Inter / intra transfers

    You can transfer stock using the mobile app or from within the system. The underlying stock adjustments mirror the physical movements.

  • Multiple Warehouses

    Store and view stock in multiple locations. Includes multi-site options for large warehouse operations.

  • Flexible Barcode

    Fast and accurate data input via a mobile device. We support wireless and bluetooth devices on the Android and Windows CE mobile operating systems.

  • Integrated

    Your warehouse management system talks to your order management system which both talk to your inventory management and accounting. The status of your warehouse(s) is continually available for everyone who needs to know.

  • Location Management

    You can organise you warehouse(s) exactly as you need them. Our warehouse management system provides barcode label printing to help you accurately track stock locations.

  • On premise reliability

    Continual operation of your warehouse is mission critical. Our warehouse management system continually copies and stores all documents and their status to a local server in your warehouse(s). So the warehouse can continue to operate in the event of a network failure.