Woocommerce Inventory Management

Woocommerce inventory management – simple, affordable, effective. Manage drop ship, inventory, buy and build on demand

One system to do all this…

  • ...eliminate complexity & duplication

    Woocommerce Inventory management simplified – Eliminate multiple ‘back end’ systems, all of your sales, fulfilment & accounting data in one database.

  • ...manage & track customers

    Detailed view of every customer transaction and interaction including email, notes and events.

  • ...manage different order types

    Drop ship, fulfil from inventory, order ‘just in time, build to order – we’ve got you covered.

  • ...manage inventory

    Specify matrix , group and assembly items. Categorise and classify your SKUs.

(so you can work smarter)

  • ...manage purchase orders

    Drop ship products from multiple suppliers from a single order. Track all vendor interactions and transactions.

  • ...manage multiple warehouses

    Easily track stock across multiple sites including third party logistics vendors.

  • ...manage shipping vendors

    Work with major carriers. Print shipping labels and record and store tracking numbers.

  • ...say goodbye QuickBooks & co

    this is a Woocommerce order and inventory management system with built in accounting. Woo hoo no fiddly integration.

Woocommerce inventory management – how it works

  • manage multiple carts

    You can connect and manage as many Woocommerce carts as you need.

  • import and process orders

    Automatically or manually import orders to instantly appear in your main order management list.

  • automate WordPress order management

    Using our built in workflow automation we can automate your entire Woocommerce order management process.

  • synchronize SKU data

    Import your existing product data from Woocommerce into Salesorder.com or push SKU data to Woocommerce.

  • synchronize customer data

    Match customer data between Salesorder.com and Woocommerce

  • synchronize stock levels

    Show real time stock levels to buyers. Manage display of out of stock or discontinued SKUs.

Woocommerce inventory management automation – case study

Beat Amazon, Eliminate Work

this successful wholesaler and retailer manages twenty six online storesWatch the two minute video

“Milly was straight talking, thorough and super helpful” Rachel Moir, PM, Cafe Campesino